Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Command & Request

§     Definition
·         Command : command sentence are sentences that contain commands and requests for other people to do a thing desired by the people that ruled.
·         Request : Request is a kind of a subtle command, where the attitude of those that ordered more modest than that usual command.

§     Analysis
·         Command : a command can be interpreted as allowing someone to do something, or stated the requirement for something to happen, even to the interpretation (the connotation), derision or sarcasm. Commands can also turn from ordered to do something to prevent or forbid to do something. The meaning of the sentence which is supported by the command, depending also from the situation.
ü  S + asked / told + O + to infinitive

·         Request : There are various levels of demand a can be distinguished by some words or phrases. (example : can you bring that book over there! ; Please stand up! ; If you can, help the child!)

§     Examples
ü  He asked me: “Open your book!” or he asked me to open my book.
ü  John told Marry: “Wait until I come.” or John told Mary to wait until he comes.
ü  The teacher told the student: “Be quiet while I am talking.” or the teacher told the student to be quiet while he is talking.
ü  Would you mind not smoking here?
ü  Could you  wait a moment, please?

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