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Reported Speech

§     Definition
Reported Speech (also referred to as 'indirect speech') refers to a sentence reporting what someone has said. It is almost always used in spoken English.

§     Analysis
ü  If the reporting verb (i.e. said) is in the past, the reported clause is in a past form. This form is usually one step back into the past from the original.
ü  If simple present, present perfect or the future is used in the reporting verb (i.e. says) the tense is retained.

§     Examples

Direct / Reported Speech
Simple present:
I said, “She is busy”. - I said she was busy.
Present continuous:
I said, “I am working now”. - I said I was working now
Simple past:
I said, “She was here this morning”. - I said she was here this morning. or
I said she had been here this morning.
Past continuous:
I said “She was studying all yesterday” - I said she was studying all yesterday. or
I said she had been studying all yesterday
Present perfect:
I said, “She has worked here for 5 years.” - I said she had worked here for 5 years.
Past perfect:
I said, “She had worked here for 5 years.” - I said she had worked here for 5 years.
I said, “She will work here from July.” - I said she would work here from July.
Future continuous:
I said, “We’ll be living here for 6 months.” - I said we would be living here for 6 months.
I said, “She can play the piano well.” - I said she could play the piano well.

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